Why we’re transitioning from Moz to SE Ranking

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As a digital agency, we take it upon ourselves to use the best SEO tools for our clients. Initially, Dasho Partners chose Moz for keyword planning and research since it is deemed as the best SEO tool for businesses, regardless of size.

However, as we continued with our craft, we have come to realize that Moz isn’t exactly the best fit for our clients’ and our own SEO needs. Although Moz is an effective SEO tool, there are other tools available that can produce the same, if not, better SEO research and results for a better price.

This realisation lead Dasho Partners to migrate its SEO work from Moz to SE Ranking – and here’s why.

Just because an SEO tool works great for some businesses, doesn’t necessarily mean that it will work great for your businesses, too. In our case, Moz’ Pro Standard Package wasn’t exactly what we were hoping for in an SEO tool.

For starters, the Moz Pro Standard Package comes at $99/month which isn’t exactly a price too high for a good SEO tool. However, it has come to our attention that the standard package offers a very limited backlink index.

This was the first problem that we encountered with Moz! As a digital agency, we have plenty of clients whose websites are just starting out. Given that the websites we are working SEO magic on are fresh from our developers, it takes weeks or even months for Moz to index the backlinks. This was a huge setback for us!

The problems with Moz didn’t end there. We also noticed that the standard package only allows 5 keyword research reports every day. Again, many of our clients’ websites are still starting out, which means that our keyword research needs are far from being met by Moz’ standard package.

At first glance, it is easy to think that Moz’ $99 package is the best deal out there. However, many small businesses are starting to realise that this isn’t the case, and Dasho Partners can’t help but agree.

With all these factors considered, we started searching for a better alternative to Moz. After weeks of searching for SEO tools with great potential and an affordable price, we’ve come across SE Ranking – and this, by far, has been the best SEO tool we’ve ever had the pleasure of working with.SE Ranking2_Pricing Plans Comparison_32_Pricing Plans Comparison_4

The SEO team over at Dasho Partners didn’t just base their decision to migrate to SERankings on the price difference alone. The tools offered by SE Ranking was the real deal breaker.

SE Ranking allows us to optimise all our SEO elements for our clients on top of receiving useful analytics reports about our websites on a daily basis. SERankings gives us a bird’s eye view of all our SEO and website projects, backlink profiles, website rankings, and even data on our competitors! The list goes on and on!




At Dasho Partners, we take care of our clients and their respective websites. They deserve nothing less than outstanding SEO work and we won’t be able to deliver results without SE Ranking.

Considering the sheer number of clients we cater to every day, we need the best SEO tool out there to provide useful keyword research, competitor research, backlinking indexing, and analytics. SE Ranking provides this and so much more for a very affordable price.

Migrating to SE Ranking from Moz is by far, the best decision out SEO team has ever made and we can’t help but vouch for this amazing tool!

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